GlamSmile is the latest revolutionary Porcelain Veneers System from Europe and we are one of the two providers of this product in Doha. Super-strong GlamSmile veneers are much thinner than traditional veneers, and in most cases, doesn’t require a painful and unnecessary removal of healthy tooth structure. A GlamSmile-certified Dentist can perform a full GlamSmile makeover in only two short visits, and best of all, it costs a mere fraction of the price of traditional veneers! GlamSmile is a revolutionary, painless, and truly affordable porcelain veneer solution for discolored, stained, damaged, worn or unsightly teeth. Now, your beautiful new smile can be created by a GlamSmile-certified Dentist in less time than ever before with the Australia’s most affordable, minimal preparation porcelain veneers.

Being “minimal prep” porcelain veneers means that in most cases, there is no need to grind or shave away healthy tooth structure (unlike the painful process of thicker and bulkier traditional veneers) making GlamSmile a comfortable, safe and best of all. Truly affordable way to transform the appearance of your teeth, creating a whiter, straighter, younger and healthier looking smile!

GlamSmile completes the goal of making beautiful, glamorous smiles a reality for many people who had previously found cosmetic dental procedures were out of their reach. There are currently GlamSmile certified Dentists all across Australia creating stunning, brighter, whiter and straighter smiles for a price never seen before.

The Technological Revolution
GlamSmile’s state-of-the-art veneers are super thin yet remarkably strong so teeth require little preparation. GlamSmile’s tray delivery system allows a set of veneers to be placed in one smooth movement, rather than the lengthy one-by-one method of traditional veneers. Spending less time in the dentist’s chair also means you’ll be spending less paying for their time.

Fast & Painless Veneers
Traditional veneer systems are often destructive and nonconservative, requiring considerable removal of healthy tooth structure to make room for the veneers. Not with GlamSmile! Surface preparation is usually minimal, without damaging the healthy tooth tissue. So there are no needles, no anesthesia and most importantly no drill in most cases.

Traditional Veneers
Painful, permanent and unnecessary damage through removal of healthy tooth tissue.

GlamSmile Veneers
Often only requires tooth surface roughening without anesthetic shots or drilling.