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Filteray Derma-line
Based on the exclusive technology of Coverderm’s 24-hour lasting waterproof foundations, Coverderm Sun Care offers protection by forming total-block sunbarriers of amazingly prolonged effectiveness!

Extra long-lasting and extremely water-resistant
The ideal sea and city sunscreens, enriched with encaptulated Vitamin C and Avocadin, which prevents premature aging and regenerates and hydrates the skin.

  • Vitamin C is the most effective ingredient to combat free radicals, the main cause of premature aging. Filteray face sunscreens contain Vitamin C in a special form that is released into the skin gradually, offering better protection over a longer period of time.
  • At the same time, thanks to Avocadin (an antiinflammatory and anti-aging emollient), Filteray Face
  • sunscreens soothe and moisturise skin, reinforcing the regeneration of skin cells.
  • Coverderm Filteray Sun Care is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic (won’t block pores).

Filteray Prime-line
Aimed at offering added value sunscreens while, at the same time, satisfying consumers’ existing need for affordable prices, we developed the first masstige* sunscreen line. The new line is an extension of the existing COVERDERM FILTERAY, Derma - line, which has given new dimensions to sun protection due to its “all natural filters” formulas and its revolutionary, all day long sun protection. *masstige: contemporary marketing term, defining products with 2 different characteristics: premium quality and attainable pricing

Main Characteristics

  • Coverderm Filteray body plus products offer sun protection & after sun care (2 in 1). It is enriched with a combination of special active ingredients that render additional moisturising, soothing and revitalizing benefits
  • It contains a dynamic combination of 7 photo stable filters to secure maximum efficacy & safety.
  • Protection against UVA and UVB
  • With the use of airless dispensers it maintains product safety
  • All products are water-resistant, hypoallergenic, clinically tested and suitable to all skin types

Camouflage Foundations

Coverderm welcomes you to “Perfection in Camouflage”. Coverderm Camouflage products form a unique product line, famous for concealing any major or minor skin imperfections on the face and body. Coverderm Camouflage provides natural looking concealment that lasts for 24hours. It is 100% waterproof & sweat-proof, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and provides high sun protection (SPF up to 30). Coverderm Camouflage is recommended by dermatologists and make-up artists worldwide!

Skin Care
Developed to match the need for maintaining a healthy & well-balanced complexion while using long-lasting, high-coverage make-up. Coverderm Skin Care products offer supreme moisturising and nourishing action throughout the day.

The Vanish Concept

Many women worldwide suffer from microcirculation disturbances that cause the annoying dark eye circles, couperose, facial redness, varicose veins and phlebitis. The Coverderm Vanish range offers the perfect solution to these conditions with innovative products that produce *clinically proven results. The products in the Coverderm Vanish range contain a powerful cocktail of MDI-Complex and Vitamin K which:

  • Strengthen the area of skin around the blood capillaries
  • reinforce the extracellular matrix of the skin
  • Provide a protective ‘net’ against the degradation of the connective tissue surrounding the microcapillaries

The Active ingredients are:

MDI Complex
The first cosmetic ingredient produced out of pure biotechnology research, extensively tested in the laboratory and in clinical studies, proving its efficiency as a potent molecular complex to dramatically improve the effects caused by microcirculatory disturbances of the skin. MDI Complex is a natural, marine-derived active.

Vitamin K
An established molecule to improve blood clotting and bruising, recommended by physicians for over twenty years to prevent bleeding during and after surgery, with proven effectiveness against the appearance of bruises, broken capillaries and spider veins in the skin


How does the skin age? 
One of the most striking signs of skin aging is the increased wrinkling of the face, neck and the area around the eyes. The formation of wrinkles on the skin is mainly due to the following factors:

Occurs naturally over time and is identified by certain biochemical, histological and physical changes. The dermis becomes thinner for two reasons. One is the reduction of the number of fibroblasts, which produce the essential macromolecules of the extra cellular matrix (collagen, elastin, fibronectin etc.). The second is the reduced synthetic activity of fibroblasts.

Facial Expression 
When we express our motions, by smiling, frowning, squinting, our subcutaneous muscles contract thousands of times every day. These repeated movements create tension forces that modify the dermis and favour the appearance of expression wrinkles, especially in the forehead, above the mouth and around the eyes.

Exposure to solar Ultra Violet radiation is a well-known factor related to the premature aging of the skin and the formation of wrinkles. UV radiation causes oxidative stress in the dermis, resulting in suppression of the immune system of the skin and destruction of fibroblasts which are essential for the integrity of the connective tissue and consequently of the appearance of the skin.

Clinical studies show impressive results 
Clinical studies conducted by the Department of Medicine at the University of Pavia in Italy, proved the impressive results of BotuMax treatments after use, twice daily, for 60 days.

  • Decrease in the depth of wrinkles up to -37%
  • Decrease in the number of wrinkles up to -48%
  • Increase in skin moisture up to +46,5%
  • Increase in skin elasticity up to +100%


MAXYDRAT INNOVATION The skin is one of the most important organs of the body. It is vital for the skin cells to be sufficiently moisturised in order to function properly. It is important that adequate water levels are maintained both inside the cells of the epidermis and in the space between them. DEEPER HYDRATION Thanks to their ultra modern formulas, based on the Nobel-winning Aquaporines discovery, Maxydrat products mimic skin’s own mechanism of hydration. Water is transported even inside each cell of the epidermis, ensuring optimum hydrating action.

MAXYDRAT INNOVATION Incomparable immediate effect! *65% increase of hydration, in only 5 minutes after application. Cells throughout the epidermis “flood” with water, instantly. DEEPER HYDRATION Novel 3-Dimensional Hydration System that ensures optimum hydration action:

  • • 1-D: on the skin surface: the hydro-lipid barrier is reinforced and reconstituted, limiting TEWL (transepidermal water loss) to normal rate.
  • • 2-D: throughout all layers of the epidermis: water retention is maximized in the spaces between the cells.
  • • 3-D: on cellular level: water movement through the cell membrane is enhanced, restoring water contents inside the cells.

Guarantees exceptional long-lasting hydration! *89% increase of hydration, after 60 days of treatment!



Coverderm Luminous treats the following skin conditions:

  • Freckles : Observed in skin areas exposed to the sun
  • Cloasma (pregnancy mask) : Caused by hormonal factors combined with sun exposure
  • Age spots (senile lentigo) : Observed on the face and hands, stimulated by solar radiation
  • Sun spots (solar lentigo)
  • Hypermelanosis : Appearing after skin irritations or inflammations following surgery and chemical peeling
  • Brown marks : On the face and hands, resulting from malnutrition or the endocrine system
  • Lentigines : Usually hereditary, small pigmented spots
  • Uneven or dull complexion

Coverderm® offers an all day pigmentation treatment system for the ultimate skin brightening and illuminating effect. Coverderm® Luminous™ is available in twolines. The Luminous line, offers amazing reduction of skin hyper-pigmentation for a brighter and even skin complexion, ideal for fair skin types. The Luminous Supreme line, for dark (Africa, Indian, etc.) and heavily pigmented skin, with the most dynamic combination of brightening active ingredients to guarantee maximum efficacy.

How does Pigmentation form? 
Skin colour is mainly dependant on a chemical compound called melanin. Melanin is the final product of a chain of reactions that take place in cells called melanocytes. An enzyme called tyrosinase plays a vital role in the production of melanin. This is why depigmenting products are based on the inhibition of the tyrosinase action, so that less melanin is produced inside the melanosytes. After production, melanin forms grains called melanosomes that are constantly moving to the surface of the skin. The melanosomes enter into the cells of the epidermis in order to protect them from sun radiation. Melanin is a mixture of two different types, eumelanin and pheomelanin. The proportion of the two types of melanin in the mixture primarily determines the colour of each skin type. The melanin mixture of African skin is rich in eumelanin, while the melanin mixture of red haired Caucasions consist mainly of pheomelanin.